Laboratoires Clémascience offer you a unique know-how in terms of innovative and exclusive formulations, tested and approved to meet the current needs of consumers and the requirements of the regulations.

Dr. Didden places cellular homeostasis and the use of active ingredients at the heart of his formulation approach: a true signature. This approach is based on several scientific findings: all our cellular events are governed by balanced biochemical systems (homeostasis) resulting from a sum of combined activating or inhibiting actions.

Our cells have a biological memory that makes us more or less sensitive to a given molecule. By saturating a receptor with the same molecule, it becomes less and less reactive.

Before dealing with a health or beauty issue, Laboratoires Clemascience endeavour to identify the cellular mechanisms responsible in order to establish a strategic response based on the use of diversified nutritional molecules.

By multiplying and combining the selected active ingredients, the effects combine to offer maximum tolerance and effectiveness, in order to respond to multifactorial problems.


Our R&D department has developed Nutricibles®, sources of polyphenols and/or fibres, which make our formulas unique and exclusive. These are developed to respond to a specific mechanism of action.

The study on apples has enabled us to place a unique double expertise at the heart of our research: polyphenols for their physiological action and fibres for their mechanical action.

It is not a question of displaying an action on a packaging, but rather of acting and restoring the homeostasis of a human body function. Thus, our formulas are developed on a mathematical principle.

They are a concentrate of the science of polyphenols and fibres. The latter act within our Nutricibles® as catalysts or vectors of certain mechanisms.

Finally, the complexity of our formulas and the association of our Nutricibles® with a selection of active ingredients allow a synergistic action for a systemic response to targeted problems. As a result, Nutricibles® offer you unique performance, power and signature.