The pomotherapie

The "Pomothérapie" invites you to a unique experience in a universe combining nature, science and pleasure.

A bit of history

The "Pomothérapie" comes from pomology. This science, which appeared around the 18th Century in France, studies the composition and the precise characterization of fruit, amongst which is the apple.

The power of apple

Until now, the apple was mostly famous for its satiety and anti-cholesterol properties thanks to its high content in fibers. But it as also, and above all, one of the most concentrated and diversified source of polyphenols.

A unique CLÉMASCIENCE know-how

Thanks to the last cutting edge technologies, the strength of Laboratoires CLÉMASCIENCE relies on their capacity to identify, select and concentrate those precious apple polyphenols to create unique and natural new specific sources, called the Apple Nutricible®, which have exceptional properties.

By modernizing the use of the "Pomothérapie", Laboratoires CLÉMASCIENCE thus made it more accessible so that everyone could take advantage of the powerful benefits from the apple.

That is how Laboratoires CLÉMASCIENCE show how true the saying is: "An apple a day keeps the doctor away."