Our product ranges

Nutritional supplements Poméol

Objectives: Beauty and Slimness!
Be beautiful from head to toe with the nutritional supplements Poméol!

Cosmetics Pomissime

Objectives: Slimness & Beauty!
Take care of yourself with our cosmetic range Pomissime and its rituals for slimness, beauty, moisture or volume.

Nutricosmetics Elixir de Pomme

Objective: Youth!
Revolutionize your beauty ritual with nutricosmetic Elixir de Pomme. This pharmaceutical preparation offers a formula highly concentrated in polyphenols, to be used for “IN & OUT“ (oral and cutaneous) applications in synergy with daily beauty cares. For more performance, from inside and outside!

Nutritional supplements Pulse

Objective: Health and Well-being 
Boost your daily life with Pulse. This nutritional supplement range offers you wide range of health, vitality and well-being solutions. Make your life easier!

Box sets

Perfect match
You will like the clever Pomothérapie box sets which combines nutritional supplement actions with cosmetic ones to enhance your beauty from inside and outside!